In a world constantly demanding more, a fulfilled life is possible. We’ve gathered a Mastermind of women and experts who can show you the way. When you achieve balance in your life, you will find fulfilment and joy in your everyday life. It is a skill to slow down and find balance in a time where it’s almost impossible to attain. We can help with that.


The Experience Joining A Mastermind

With the right people in your corner, it is easy to find harmony. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Are you ready to find the right support and give yourself the balance you deserve!

Achieve Mental and Emotional Health: In a world always demanding more from you, the way you handle stress, relate to others, and make choices is essential. Throughout this mastermind we will dive deeper into essential steps to handle life in the 21st century. 

Mental Health

Hear Directly From Experts: Everyone in this mastermind is an expert with unique skills, experiences and connections. You will be joining a mastermind with calls led by leaders across all areas that will share their secrets, successes and struggles with you. 


Think Bigger! We are often stuck in “autopilot” and this mastermind can help you find new creative and more efficient ways to grow personally and professionally. Get the chance to interact with all members and get the answers that you are looking for.

Think Bigger

Meditation Practice From the comfort of your home, we will be guiding weekly meditation and presence practice.


Discover Cross-Promotion: When you join you will most likely find ways to help each other by utilizing cross-promotion. We encourage you to find ways to help each other through promoting to your respective networks. 


Increase Your Net Worth: By joining a mastermind, you instantly add to your network and typically gain the networks of those in the group with you. 

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Have you been looking to find balance in your work and life? A community of women willing to lift you up? Looking to align your core values with personal and professional goals? Have you been yearning for meaning in each and every day? Or looking for a new circle of like-minded women? Perfect, the world has aligned you with W A F.

Danielle Jackson

It all starts here. Danielle is a friendship expert, certified women's coach and author of Give it a Rest: The Case for Tough Love Friendships. Danielle founded an PR Agency to help minority women share their story through media and advertisment. 

Ingrid Harb

Age is just a number, start today.Founder of the Women Ambassadors Forum and Aligned Creative Agency, Alignment Expert, Global Ambassador for Women, Entrepreneur and can help you create a meaningful life. 

Kim Linton  

Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator, Owner of 1Light Daring Leadership & Facilitation, and Tampa Bay Lightning Ice Skater. Kim left the corporate space in her pursuit to make the way we work and live a little more modern and a little more brave.

Ashley Smith 

Founder of Into The Heart, Helps Women and Men find wholeness through ancient healing modalities. Ashley leads a movement around the power of tea, meditation and connection.


Cristina Liriano  

A dog rescuer, wife, meditator, hacker, seeker of world peace. Cristina is always searching to understand everything around her - our physical world and the world in our heads. She believes that knowledge is powerful. And using that knowledge to make things better is what keeps her energized.

Harmony is a beautiful balance between mind, body and soul measured in tender peaceful moments.

- Melanie Koulouris

What Happens When You Join Our Mastermind? 

  • Accountability: Each session we will dive deep into the topic, open the floor for discussion, and provide the space to report on what we have achieved. You will always have access to resources, tools and knowledge to help you achieve an intentional life. 
  • Support: We don’t believe in crash & burn, we believe in crash & learn. None of us got to our level of success alone without trial and tribulation, thus, we want to provide you with the right support network to grow.
  • Live personalized Sessions: We’ll also provide you with the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained from each of our WAF Mastermind Guest Speakers, so that you’re able to conceptualize all of it and leverage it for continued success for the rest of your life.  

Reviews from Our Community 

"I have truly been blessed to be a part of the Women Ambassadors Mastermind Group. The skills I have learned in this group has helped me to be more confident in my goals, and is helping me to propel forward in my calling. I am amazed each week to be connected to a group of women destined to change the world in their various disciplines!"

- Shandra Davis, Member Since 2019

"There are so many moms like me who have to some extent lost sight of their professional goals along the way. However, since joining the Mastermind I feel inspired and empowered. It’s a safe space full of supportive women sharing knowledge and encouraging one another to pursue our professional dreams." 

- Stefi Welsch, Member Since 2019

“The best way to move forward in this world is to encourage each other. I’ve found this mastermind very helpful and rich by learning from all these women’s experiences.”

- Landy Torre, Member Since 2015

What To Expect?

Here is what our 12 week program looks like:

  • A total of five 90-minute webinars every-other-week guided by industry leaders, International Experts and Gurus here to help us achieve harmony.
  • Can’t make it one week? We’ll miss you... but not to worry. All sessions are recorded and available for you to watch whenever you want. 
  • Access to a 6-week accountability partner. 
  • Invitation to our private, exclusive Facebook page. Mastermind members only! 
  • Pre-sale and discounts to upcoming events
  • 20% off all future masterminds 
  • Social Media Shout-Outs for you and your brand.  

Join us today.